Building De-Identified Data Lakes on AWS:

A Universal Solution to Cloud Compliance

On-Demand Webinar

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AWS provides the most comprehensive set of services to move, store, and analyze your data, simplifying the process of setting up a secure data lake with a serverless architecture. While AWS operates, manages and controls the security of the cloud, customers assume responsibility for security and governance of what they build in the cloud. In this webinar, you will learn about why data lakes are needed, core principals and patterns for data lakes, and how AWS Lake Formation can help you simplify the process and reduce the time to build out a secure data lake on AWS. Furthermore, you will also learn how to best ensure the governance and privacy of your data by comprehensively discovering the sensitive data and accordingly remediating it.

Key Takeaways

  • How to create and use data lakes
  • How enterprises ensure the discovery and protection of their sensitive data in the cloud
  • How De-Identified data lakes can help with your cloud compliance


Dilip Rajan
Partner Solutions Architect, AWS



Anhad Singh, PhD
Global Technical Leader, Partners, Dataguise

Gareth Eagar
Senior Solution Architect, AWS